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5 Chronic Illness Resources To Support You Through The Festive Season

The festive season can be really difficult for people with chronic illness. When I was still suffering from interstitial cystitis, I used to feel deprived and sad during the Christmas holidays and cheating on my diet meant flare ups!

Back then, I didn’t have many resources to help me get through the festive season. Luckily now, I don’t have these issues anymore but I’m also part of a great community of chronic illness bloggers that is very supportive. So today I’m going to share with you 5 great chronic illness resources for the festive season, including a healthy Christmas recipe and tips on how to stay healthy and pain-free.

1. Pain Relief

Sheryl over at the A Chronic Voice Blog got 13 people with chronic illnesses to share ideas of things to try for pain relief and also ideas of items that could be useful for pain relief, including for interstitial cystitis. Have a look at the ideas they have come up with:

2. An Allergen-Free Christmas Treat

I always advocate a ‘real-food’ ancestral type of diet, especially for people suffering from chronic illness. Unfortunately this often means staying away from foods that are generally considered to be allergenic, such as gluten and dairy.

But Christmas is not a time to feel deprived, so what do we do? How about making healthier versions of regular treats?

Jenna over at A Balanced Belly has shared a recipe for a No bake, chocolate gluten and dairy free Swiss Roll and it looks delicious! Check it out here:

This gorgeous chocolatey gluten and dairy free swiss roll is refined sugar free and packed with flavour.

3. Staying Healthy during the Holidays

As mentioned before, it is hard to stick to health goals during the festive season. But healthy doesn’t mean the same to everybody.

Dietician Tayler Silverduk shares how staying healthy during the holidays can be easy by defining our health goals and working around them. Check out her blog post here:Staying Healthy During the Holidays - Tayler Silfverduk DTR - #healthyholidays #healthychristmas #healthyhanukkah #glutenfreeholidays #dietitiantips #nutritiontips #wellnessduringtheholidays #holidayhacks #mindfulholidays #dietetics #rd2be

4. Beating the Winter Blues

The darker season is the season of winter blues. The coldness and darkness of the season may make many people feel low and depressed.

Suffering from a chronic illness can make us more prone to experiencing winter blues. But how do we deal with it?

Marya over at Chronic Mom Life shares her best self-care tips to beat the winter blues. Check them out here:

Self Care Tips to Beat the Winter Blues #selfcare #depression

5. Gifts for People with Chronic Illness (non-material)

Gifts don’t always have to be material. Kindness and understanding, for example, can be some of the greatest gifts to someone suffering with chronic illness.

Shelley over at the Chronic Mom Blog has put together a list of 6 non material gifts that people with a chronic illness might appreciate. I think a lot of them will resonate with many of you, and this may be a good resource to share with those closest to you.

You can check out the list here:

6 gifts people with chronic illness really want this year



I hope you’ll find some of these resources useful. Let me know your tips for the festive season in the comments!

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