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Could Your Interstitial Cystitis Be Caused By A Damaged GAG Layer?

The so-called GAG layer plays an important role in protecting the bladder lining (epithelium) against anything that enters the bladder.

When this protective layer is disturbed, the sensitive bladder lining is exposed to irritation and attack. From this, sensitivity, pain and other problems can arise.

A damaged GAG layer has been established to play a big role in the pathogenesis of interstitial cystitis.

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Kathleen’s Story: A Personal Story of our Recovery from the effects of Monsanto’s RoundUp and the Scourge of Glyphosate. A Ten Year Journey to Hell and back.

Today I’d like to share Kathleen and Roy’s story about how they beat interstitial cystitis. I found this story very moving and inspirational – it shows once again that interstitial cystitis can be overcome.

The cause of interstitial cystitis may be different for each of us and the only way to overcome this debilitating condition is to keep searching for that root cause.

Together with her husband Roy, Kathleen finally found the root cause of her interstitial cystitis and this empowered her to overcome this condition.

This story is an account of Kathleen’s journey with interstitial cystitis, written by her husband Roy.

I hope this story will be an inspiration for you to keep searching for answers… Healing is possible!


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