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Bone Broth Powder – Portable Bone Broth for Travelling

Bone broth has many health benefits and was one of the tools I used to recover from interstitial cystitis.

However, it is not very practical as a staple for people who are on the go a lot. It is now possible to buy bone broth powder online but it comes with a hefty price tag.

Therefore, I have tried to make my own for when I’m travelling and still want to consume bone broth. It is a bit work intensive but relatively cheap.

Why would you want to make bone broth powder?

Bone broth has health benefits for the bladder and overall. Therefore, I don’t really want to miss out on bone broth when I’m travelling.

So far, I struggled to find a good way to take bone broth with me on longer trips.

Then I came up with bone broth powder (which is essentially bouillon).

It’s so handy and can be taken anywhere. It’s perfect for camping, hiking or just a quick cup of bone broth in the hotel. I can be added to soups and stews for extra flavour or just dissolve it in hot water for a quick-fix of broth.

How does it work?

To be able to make a powder the bone broth needs to be dehydrated, you will need a dehydrator to do this. You will also need the amount of broth that you want as powder later on. If you’re not sure how to make bone broth follow this recipe.

The best way to accomplish this, is to boil the broth down until most of the water has evaporated. Before you do this, you need to measure the amount of broth you have in cups (this is the amount of servings you will get in the end) – take a note of this. Then put the broth in a large pan and boil it, until it has reduced to almost a gel.

Put the remaining broth in the fridge – this is now highly concentrated. It will form a hard gel.


Then, place pieces of the gel onto parchment paper on the drier rack of your dehydrator. You can put the dehydrator on max and leave it on for around a day (or until the broth has completely dried).

dehydrating bone broth

The bone broth will become hard and brittle (and shrinks even more) and can now be pulverized into powder.

dried bone broth

The powder can now be divided into the amount of servings you measured before boiling the broth down – 1 serving can be added to one cup of water.

powdered bone broth

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    November 21, 2017

    I was telling my mum about bone broth the othe day and she said, “Isn’t that like brand’s essence of chicken?” And I realised it’s what she’s been feeding us with before exams when I was a kid.

    It’s also a common gift to give to sick people in hospital (our version of a fruit basket in Asia), and is sold in all hospital gift shops and supermarkets/health stores.

    It comes in a small glass bottle which you can take anywhere and drink anytime 🙂

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      November 21, 2017

      That’s amazing! I used to live in Thailand and noticed over there that meat/bone broth with noodles was a common street-food, available at service stations and markets (dunno if it’s the same where you are?!). Shame we’ve lost this tradition in the West!

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    September 10, 2018

    I really enjoy consuming bone broth every day! It’s reduced
    my rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain a
    good deal. I used to be more sensitive to particular foods.
    I believe the bone broth has truly helped my digestion within this area.
    What do you think about drinking it with a garlic pill for
    more benefits?

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    October 5, 2018

    CBD has been helping me a lot personally. I first started taking in pill form but not I just eat CBD gummies haha. Alternative medicines have changed my life. I even started my elderly dog on CBD Example A: Its good to have options when managing pain like this. Anyone try it before?

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