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It’s been a very busy past 2 years: besides starting this Blog and working full-time I have also been studying to become a Nutritional Therapist with the goal of opening my own practice at some point.

I’m happy to announce that the hard work has paid off and that I can now call myself a Nutritional Therapist and am able to offer 1-on-1 consultations. I have been busy these past few weeks setting up my practice (so apologies for the lack of new posts!).

My own experience with chronic urinary problems, as well as the research I have done for this blog has inspired me to specialize in bladder health.


I often get questions asking for specific recommendations. While I would like to help as many people as I can with the information on this Blog, this is always limited to generic advice.

We are all individuals, and to really help someone it is often necessary to look at their health history in detail as well as use testing to look for root causes.

This is exactly what I do as part of a consultation. I use health questionnaires, listening skills, visual assessment techniques and functional lab tests to look for the root of the problem.

And finding the root of problems is an important part of getting better.

You can visit my practice website to find out more.

My Approach

I’m a big fan of functional medicine, as it is based on current research but at the same time uses nutrition and lifestyle therapy as one of the main approaches.

Therefore, I call my approach ‘Functional Nutrition’.

The approach is based on naturopathic medicine principles:

  • First do no harm: Naturopathic medicine does not use treatments that could create other conditions.
  • Prevention is better than cure: Preventing a condition before it occurs is much easier than getting rid of it once it is there.
  • Considering the person as a whole, including mind, body and spirit.
  • To use the healing power of nature, i.e. the innate ability of the body to heal itself by giving it the right help.
  • Looking for the root causes of symptoms.
  • To educate the client: giving clients the right information so that they can make informed decisions about their own health.

The functional nutrition approach is:

  • Evidence-based and evidence-led: based on the latest research, common sense, historical evidence and clinical outcomes.
  • Investigative: Looking for the root causes.
  • Individualized and client-centered: This is no one-size fits all approach, recommendations are informed by each individual’s story.
  • Safe: Only safe and gentle methods are used.
  • Holistic: each client is considered as a whole, bearing in mind their history, lifestyle and health status.
  • Compassionate: Listening to your story and wishes, providing you with all the information you need.

Does this sound like the right approach for you? Then get in touch via my practice page Real Food Real Health.

P.S: I offer Skype consultations, so I can work with clients from anywhere in the world.

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